Terry Ward
Terry Ward
The race is on for one of the most powerful elected positions in the county. County commissioners set the budget, tax rate and much policy for Jack County and voters in Precinct 4 will start casting their ballots when early voting begins Tuesday.

 With no democratic candidates, the race will be determined with the March 4 Primary Election.

The candidates are incumbent Terry Ward and Robert “Tinker” Barker.

Ward is finishing his first term as county commissioner and said he decided to re-up because he cares about the county and wants to continue to serve.
Robert "Tinker" Barker
Robert "Tinker" Barker

He said his business training as owner of Ward Cattle Company and apartment buildings, economic training which he holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Economics from Texas Tech and his work with the Natural Resource Conservation Service as a soil and water conservation district technician managing soil and drainage, makes him uniquely qualified for the job.

He believes that his knowledge of county budgetary matters differentiates him from his opponent.

He believes the most significant issue for the county and county commissioners is funding for roads.

Candidate Barker said he decided to run for commissioner because there is a need for change in Precinct 4.


“I've talked to a lot of people in Precinct 4 and they feel like they've been neglected. They're wondering why things are being left undone.

Barker said he believes he is qualified for the position because of his people skills.

He said he also has experience with heavy equipment having worked in the oil field for many years. He said what differentiates him from his opponent is a desire to return to previous levels of service.

Barker believes road maintenance is the most significant issue for a county commissioner.

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