Ty Lamar
Ty Lamar (Jenisa Johnson)
Young entrepreneur and 4-H member, Ty Lamar, 12 of Jacksboro ISD has enjoyed the last few years of raising, selling and showing his goats at stock show events.

 Like many who earn a living through agricultural endeavors, Lamar has been involved in shows since he was very young. With a close eye on him from his family, Lamar, has successfully raised over 20 goats. At his home, Lamar presented the next group of 5 doe and 3 wethers that he has raised.

Lamar who also spends time working out in karate class to maintain his orange belt status does not waste time or money when it comes to his goat projects. He is raising Boer goats which are specifically bought and sold for their quality of meat. Lamar's next venture into show events are set to begin in Jan. 8-11, where he will present four goats for the Jack County livestock show.

It can be a difficult task raising goats and going to school but Lamar seems to get the job done even after coming home at 4:30 in the afternoon. That's when family steps in to help out.

Lamar does not only show goats at county but also at larger events such as the Ft. Worth and San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo.

Jack and surrounding counties participate in jackpot shows as a fundraising event for 4-Her's to win prizes and support the club. Lamar has lucked out on several occasions in his time with the organization.“I've won over 10 jackpots,” said Lamar.


When considering how his savings could used his mother Cindy Lamar had an idea.
“Probably a vehicle when he gets old enough for it,” she said.
“I want a truck,” said Lamar.

The money earned is motivation enough for some to continue rasing and presenting livestock but for Lamar the prestige of winning is also a goal he tries to attain yearly. At the last Jack County show he won a banner and belt buckle. Also he came away with the title of Grand Champion in 2012 and 2013. Lamar has won the doe show every year he has entered.

Read the full article in the Jacksboro Gazette News, Jan. 6.