Faith Community Hospital is participating the Texas Women’s Health Program.
The program is a part of the state’s Medicaid program, but for those women who don’t qualify for full Medicaid benefits or Medicare Part A or B.

“It’s an expanded role of the Medicaid program for women’s health,” said Frank Beaman, Faith Community Hospital’s administrator.

“We are pleased to participate. As a Medicaid provider, we automatically provide those services.”

The services include one family planning exam each year, which might include a pap smear, screening for breast and cervical cancers, diabetes, sexually transmitted disease and high blood pressure, as well as, family planning counseling and education, which can include natural family planning and abstinence. It may also include treatment of certain sexually transmitted diseases, birth control and follow-up family planning visits related to birth control.

To apply for the Texas Women’s Health Program, pick up a form from the Faith Community Rural Health Clinic or download the form from Forms are available in English and Spanish. For more information, call (866) 993-9972.

Read the full article in the Jacksboro Gazette News, Nov. 26