Mental health care will come to Jacksboro, starting Oct. 1, from 9 a.m. - 5:30 p.m., and be available every other Tuesday at the Faith Community Hospital Specialty Clinic. Provided by Bryan Ray, a licensed counselor with Graham Psychological Associates for more than 10 years, his experience will enable him to help teens, adults, and families overcome mental health challenges such as depression, anxiety, family conflicts, marriage difficulties and pain management. "Nearly two-thirds of all people with a diagnosable mental disorder do not seek treatment, and that can substantially affect their quality of life," said Ray. "The good thing is that most individuals can overcome mental illness through proper treatment and return to their normal lives." FCH Chief Executive Officer Frank Beaman said, "Bringing specialists like Bryan into Jack County is just another example of our commitment to identify and support the growing healthcare needs of our community. In this case, it's important that we overcome the stigma of mental illness in our society and begin to support and treat those serious illnesses." According to a press release by FCH, a quarter of Texans may be affected by mental illnesses, and there is a shortage of specialized providers in Jack County. The National Alliance on Mental Illness says that mental disorders can affect individuals at any age and are more common than cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Ray explains that there are major types of mental illnesses.


Serious to persistent mental illnesses are caused by psychological, biological, genetic or environmental conditions. Situational mental illnesses are usually the result of severe stress and may be only temporary. "No matter the reason or cause, my desire is to help individuals and families improve the skills necessary to overcome problems and to accept issues that are beyond their control," Ray explained. "Everyone has the right to achieve happiness, and some of us need a little help and support to reach it." Appointments are covered by most health insurances as well as Medicaid and Chip. For more information and to make an appointment, call (940) 549-2259.