Not many people notice the volume and issue numbers on the newspaper, unless you are James Dennis, who was the former publisher of the Jacksboro Gazette-News from 1946-1970. He called this week to let the staff of Jacksboro Newspapers know that June 11, the volume number for the Gazette would roll over to 134. JN actually missed posting the correct issue numbers two weeks sometime this past year, so we were off a little, but Dennis got us back on track. He remembers the exact week the Gazette started. We plan to get together with Dennis to provide a little history on the paper soon. The Jack County Herald also rolled over to a new year with Volume 68 today (Friday), so we are celebrating 202 years of history with our two weekly newspapers. Look for our special birthday discount on subscription rates. We want everyone to enjoy the newspaper, like Dennis has for 67 years or more.