The Pink Ladies recently worked at the Gladys Johnson Ritchie Public Library cleaning out the two courtyards and adding some color for spring. The fountain in the front courtyard had been in disrepair for several years and the ground cover and other plants had become overgrown. Upon investigation, the ladies found the pump and other plumbing were completely ruined and the fountain itself had a broken reservoir. As a result, the library and Pink Ladies decided to repair the fountain reservoir and plant flowers in it. This community is so fortunate to have the Pink Ladies and the library is fortunate to have Judy McRoberts, a Pink Lady, on their board. The courtyards are so pretty since their facelift. "On behalf of the board and staff of the library, I would like to say thank-you to the Pink Ladies for cleaning our courtyards and making them so pretty once again. The ladies are truly an asset to our community," stated Lanora Joslin. "Now, when the Parlor is finished, the patrons will have beautiful courtyards to enjoy on both sides of the room." The work is finally underway on the Parlor, which is to be a quiet reading room for adults only. The furniture, which was purchased with grant money, is waiting to be delivered once the interior of the room is completed. The new doors and windows, which were purchased by the Friends of the Library from money made from the salad luncheons and golf tournaments for the past two years, have been installed.


The staff is so glad to finally have doors which operate easily. Joan Lindsey, President of the Friends, wants to say, "Thank-you to all who sponsored these events and took part in them. Without community support, this would never have been possible. The library is so important to so many people and we wanted to provide a place for the adults to read or use their laptops without children. We also plan to have a coffee and tea bar in this room. It is truly going to be a beautiful place." Kevin Kelly, a member of the Friends group, is going to paint the walls and refinish the wood floors before the furniture is delivered." Another improvement to the facility is in the Conference Room. For many years, people using the Conference Room have used six foot tables pushed together to make a table large enough for groups of ten or more people. When the NTLP regional office closed, they had to dispense their furniture, office machines and other pieces of equipment to the fifty or so member libraries. Each library was allowed to put their name in a drawing for what they wanted. Lanora Joslin put in bids for several items, and after the drawing, received two of the largest pieces of furniture given away -a conference table which seats 12-16 people, 14 rolling conference chairs, and a beautiful solid wood, round table for the Parlor. "We are so sad our regional library office is closing, but since it was forced to do so, we are very excited to have the beautiful furniture," stated Lanora Joslin, Director. "We hope everyone will come in when we have an Open House after all of our projects are finished."