Jack County Commissioners started out with a fairly full room Monday as they met to discuss the business of the county.
Among the main things discussed, commissioners took on the issue of public transportation in the county. Since 2007, the county has used RTS, better known as Public Transport Systems or PTS. In recent months, the service of PTS seems to have declined, leaving local customers feeling concerned.
In the open session of the discussion, one resident commented that a veteran had been taken to the VA Hospital in Dallas and was actually left there by PTS. Family members had to go to Dallas and pick him up. Another concern are the rates that PTS is charging riders, along with charging extra for trips that are not on their schedule.
Jack County Judge Mitchell Davenport introduced a different carrier for the commissioners to consider, Rolling Plains Transport, from Crowell, Texas. Deborah Thomas, Executive Director for RPT, presented to the commissioners their plans for transportation, if approved.
According to Thomas, their main focus will be on the elderly, disabled, and students. Thomas said, “We would like to work with you. The more we can be here, the more services we can provide. We will work with Concerned Citizens, schools and even groups that want transportation to events.”
The commissioners voted to change the provider to RTS. Judge Davenport was quick to point out that services will not be interrupted.


PTS will provide services up to the time that RTS takes over. In a parting statement from RTS, Thomas noted, “We will even go to the grocery store and the beauty shops!”