Who can hope to be safe? Who is sufficiently cautious? Guard himself as he may, every moment’s an ambush. ~Horace The Perrin-Whitt school board made a critically important decision Tuesday night. In a unanimous vote, the school board voted to enter into an agreement with the Jack County Sheriff Office to hire a School Resource Officer. The board has been debating on whether to hire an SRO or to go with school employees carrying concealed handguns to keep the kids safe while at school. After a recent presentation from Sheriff Melvin Mayo, the board took a closer look at the SRO program. The challenge for the school board was adding another salary to an already stretched budget, but school officials are dedicated to making adjustments for safety. After a long debate, the motion was passed, bringing on cheers from the few that were attending the meeting. Superintendent John Kuhn stated, “I’m not anti-gun. I just think of all the nuances. There are some scary things out there. I just want the See PERRIN ISD, Page 7 school board to consider all of the details.” Later Kuhn said “I’m not in law enforcement, I’m just a Spanish teacher.” Prior to the discussion on the SRO, the board heard from On Site Services concerning an assessment of the schools. The board heard recommendations about how the schools can be improved, including lighting in the parking lot, PA systems, painting and caulking at all the buildings.


Larger ticket items were also discussed as well, including the option to consolidate the football field with the track. Board members were introduced to two special guests, Christine Cabanillas, of Big Brother Big Sisters, and Nik Lewis, professional football player for the Calgary Stampeders. Cabanillas and Lewis have “teamed up” for a charity event that will benefit the BBBS of Jack County. Cabanillas stated “I want to break down the walls between Jacksboro and Perrin and our county-wide program is the best way to include them.” BBBS is looking for both “littles” as well as “bigs” for the program. Lewis spoke to the board about his participation in the fundraiser, which will kick off on May 3 with a golf tournament at the Runaway Bay Country Club. Teams will be able to “bid” to have one of nine professional sports figures on their team. May 4 will be a very busy day for the two, with football camps for boys, open to the public, cheerleading camp, topped off with a charity basketball game. Cabanillas and Lewis encourage the county to be a part of the programs. Lewis stated, “I used to play Little League at Perrin back in the day, because Jacksboro didn’t have a football team,” adding, “I think the kids would like to have the opportunity to meet professional CFL/NFL players.” To register for the football camp, go to: tagteamsportz.com