“You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.”  C.G. Jung
Anybody that has been reading the news in the last few years, along with anybody that has found themselves living independently or raising a family will have noticed that in the recent past, the economy has become a sore subject to many. With the loss of income to many families, along with the increasing prices of even the basic necessary items we depend on, providing for a family has become one of the biggest challenges that one might face. The National Association of Letter Carriers will be doing their part in helping local families meet these needs.
Saturday, May 11, the mail carriers will be collecting donations of non-perishable foods to be used directly in the local food banks, including those in Jacksboro, Bryson and Perrin. This is an annual event aimed at helping those in need. If you would like to help, all you need to do is leave a non-perishable item in a bag next to your mailbox and your mail carrier will pick it up. Postal customers that use P.O. boxes can help as well by bringing their donations to their local post office.
The Jacksboro Community Food Pantry serves Jack County. The most needed non-perishable food items are: Canned meats such as Spam, chicken, tuna, etc, along with canned stews and chili, canned soups as well as packaged pastas, canned vegetables and fruits, hot and cold cereals, pudding and Jello, peanut butter, jelly and syrup, rice, beans, dry beans, powdered milk, canned tomato sauce, spaghetti sauces, Hamburger and Tuna helper, canned juices, canned gravy, crackers and baby food.


For more information on the food drive, please call the Jacksboro Post Office at (940) 567-3395. For more information on the Jacksboro Community Food pantry call Sheri Kettlety at (580) 369-0889.