The Summer Reading Program at the Glady’s Ritchie Public Library is over, but that does not mean the activities have stopped. Mary Baugh, Roxanna Soloman Baxter and the library staff have continued to serve the children of the community with craft programs, movies and special events.

On July 14, the library hosted a Princess Day for the girls. The girls that attended made a bed to illustrate the “Princess and The Pea” story. The girls that attended loved showing off their “princess outfits," partaking of their tea and cakes, and participating in all the activities.

The boys had their day on Thursday, July 17 when they get to do their activities and dress as their favorite Super Hero.

Every Wednesday in July at 10:00 a.m., the library is offering craft activities. Last Wednesday’s activities were jewelry making led by library staff member Beverly Soloman and making bags from old jeans led by Mary Baugh and Alinda Cox.

Eight girls got to make their own purse and seven boys made bags to carry notebooks, or supplies for hunting and fishing or any other activity.

Next Wednesday will be scrapbook day. Kids are asked to bring at least one picture to make a page all other supplies will be provided. Friday, July 25th will be the last movie day until after the start of school.