Oakwood Cemetery Association began its annual spring cleanup March 1. Easter is a bit later this year, April 20, but it is always the goal of the association to have the work completed by that time. The association appreciates your help with this project as it prepares for mowing, cleaning, trimming and other maintenance.

Check your burial spaces and remove any misplaced or unsightly flowers and any remaining Christmas arrangements. Items placed on the ground must be removed so that the necessary work can be done. These items include but are not limited to flowers, easels and mementoes.

Persons wishing to keep their flowers or other items should remove them by Saturday, March 1. Association President Martha H. Salmon said although that day has already passed, the winter weather has delayed the cleanup, but items should be collected as soon as possible.

Soon, misplaced and unsightly flowers and items on the ground and any prohibited items will have to be removed by the cemetery caretakers. For questions concerning what is or is  not acceptable, see the policy posted inside the cemetery or obtain a copy from Coker Funeral Home.

“Members of Oakwood Cemetery Association sincerely thank you in advance for you help in the cleanup effort and wish to express their ongoing gratitude for the community’s continued support and cooperation,” Salmon said.