Blue Christmas service to help when Christmas hurts.

The trees are decorated, carols ring through work places and shops, cookies and sweets fill the air with comforting smells of sugar, ginger, and various mints…joy enters every aspect of one’s life during the Christmas season.  What a wonderful time of year where everyone is happy and life is filled with joy as we celebrate the coming birth of Jesus Christ!

Well, that’s what we’d like to think.  Everyone is happy, right?  Unfortunately, many are not happy and their pain overwhelm them as they think about all their losses—death of family and friends, jobs and financial security, past regrets, old hurts and illnesses—there are so many things that darken our spirits this season.  As people go merrily about their way, those who suffer seem in a fog and wish the holiday season would just go away.

In an effort of acknowledging this pain, Jacksboro Parish invites you to a “Blue Christmas” service.  Bring your “blue” memories and feelings that you keep wrapped up and hidden from the world.  Our prayer is that this service will help unwrap that pain and bring hope to those who hurt this Christmas.  All are invited to the Blue Christmas service at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 17 at the Memorial Christian Church building, 115 N. Knox St., Jacksboro.