(Pam Hudson)
Another support group for veterans rolled into town Monday, but not on bicycles. They travel in vehicles like golf carts.

Rolling along at about 25 miles per hour, the team started in California and are headed to Florida. It is the first drive of this type to raise funds for veterans.

The Drive for Veterans is a cross-country fundraising trip to provide support and awareness for wounded American veterans.

The team traveled to San Diego, Calif., to begin the trip. Columbia ParCar provided zero-emission, low-speed electric vehicles to drive across the country in approximately 50 days.

The Semper Fi Fund (SFF) provides relief for financial needs arising during hospitalization and provides assistance to those with continuing needs, regardless of which branch of service they served in. It provides support in a variety of ways, including specialized and adaptive equipment, housing and transportation, and education and career transition assistance. The SFF also includes America’s Fund, which assists service members with catastrophic injuries in intensive care units in military.

The donate visit www.driveforveterans.com.

Read the full article in the Jack County Herald, Nov. 15