Due to continued requests for the Jack County History Book, the board of directors of the Jack County Museum decided to have more copies reprinted by the publisher. Because of increased production costs, the price of the book will also increase. The book will now be offered for $125.00 plus shipping and handling (if needed). "This is not a fund raising opportunity for the museum," board members stated, "but an opportunity for our patrons to be able to purchase this significant book of Jack County. "We are pleased to be able to work with the publisher to have more books printed." Many hours were spent in the collecting, printing, proofing and production of the original book in 1984. "We are grateful to the ladies of the original committee who worked so diligently to offer such an outstanding book of history for our county and who gave us the opportunity to continue to make it available," states a press release from the museum directors. Because of the increased production costs and the initial investment amount, museum board members are asking for assistance from interested parties with the expense of publishing. If you are interested in pre-ordering a book(s) or donating to the publishing fund, please call Frances at 567-5900.