Wayne Delk
Wayne Delk (courtesy)
A men's non-denominational gathering will occur at 6 p.m., Saturday, at the Bible Baptist Church, 241 W. Live Oak Street in Jacksboro. Wayne Delk will speak to the group at 7 p.m. Men are asked to bring their Bibles, Burgers & Banana Pudding. As a teenager, Belk's potential caught the attention of his pastor. Through much mentoring, Wayne began to speak to the church youth group on Wednesday nights. Over the next four decades, he has served as Youth Leader, Youth Pastor, church musician, Evangelist, Associate Pastor, Assistant Pastor, Interim Pastor, Sunday School Teacher, gospel music DJ., Christian TV producer, Church radio producer, Concert Master of Ceremonies, Recording artist, columnist for Christian music newspaper, Convention & Seminar speaker and Executive Director of the Gospel Music Artists Association. In his spare time, he managed to build and sell two businesses and secure a position in the Commercial Banking division of the largest banking company in the world. He handled business accounts for 12 of the Embassies at the UN as well as the Times Square & Empire State Building Business accounts. His teaching and speaking skills were used to train and mentor new service representatives. When he retired for the bank he took down his 28 plaques for "Excellent Customer Service" with him. Many of his mentees still keep in touch with him. Wayne takes his years of ministry and years of professional expertise and melds them into inspiring seminars which motivate church members to envision and activate growth in their church.


Here are just a very small sampling of comments about this ministry: "I have been Pastoring over 55 years. Bro. Wayne came to us in 1986 and began to work his ideas with my blessings.We saw an immediate increase. No one has ever stood in my pulpit that has done MORE to uplift, encourage and challenge our people than Wayne Delk. There is no end to his talents." - Pastor Cutbirth. "I firmly believe in this man's anointed ministry. He came highly recommended to me and my congregation fell in love with him on the spot. He has always done a top notch job when he comes. If I have to be out of my pulpit there are only a few ministers I will call on and Wayne is definitely one of them " Pastor Cleghorn "When we began to plan our annual Small Church Support weekend, the first name that was suggested was Wayne's. He did such an awesome job last time. The pastors went home full of great ideas. We look forward to his return." - Rev. Hickey, Arkansas Baptist Conv. "I have known Bro. Delk since the early years of his ministry. He came many times to preach for me at my church in Pasadena. I have watched him grow and mature over the years. I hear such great reports on all that he does. I am glad he is now able to return to full-time ministry, he will be able to share his unique ministry with so many more. "Several years ago when he had opened Calvary Bible School, Wayne came to me with an idea. Why not let him open an extension campus in the Dallas area. We finally got that approved and open. He began to teach his first class of six students. Now 26 years later, that campus still is graduating students. I had the pleasure of presenting Doctorate degrees to two of those first students a few years ago. We were sad when Wayne left to go back into full-time ministry, but he has our full faith and blessings." -Dr. Longsworth Cornerstone Theological Seminary "I can only say, this is an extremely multi-talented man. I have never heard anyone preach with his style of delivery. One service with Wayne is like a roller coaster of emotions. I watched him move an audience from side-splitting laughter to tears in a matter of seconds. He stands out from anyone I have ever heard. We were blessed to have him serve as our Contributing Editor from Texas for 10 years. He wrote many inspiring and memorable columns. He is blessed to have so many God-given talents." - Paul Boden, Editor US Gospel News. As you can see, when God handed out giftings, he chose someone with a heart for ministry. For more information contact John Hensley - (940) 507-0161or Brian Isbell - (940) 507-0183.