That zany group of barber shop regulars are returning to the Royal Theater in Archer City this July in The Barber Shop Jackpot! -the fourth installment in Jim Black's popular barber shop comedy series. Come join the group for a hilarious evening of family entertainment as they anticipate a life of luxury and riches while anxiously awaiting the outcome of the state's new lottery and their investments in a three wheeled automobile from a slick salesman with an innocent looking granddaughter who turns out not to be so innocent. All your favorites will be there along with Coot the barber who is writing his second novel which the town hopes John Wayne will land the starring role; Roy and Jesse still arguing over whether a piece was moved out of turn on their chessboard; Clifford and Melvin who seem to like no one including each other; Joe the beloved diner owner; Ted Barnett who is still trying to live down killing Clifford's prize bull, Alvin and Sarah Lee, who have managed to birth eight children in three years; Betty Jack the town nightwatchperson who is bugging Sheriff Harris and Deputy Hank for a new siren for her Volkswagon Beetle; and Violet Long who's being courted by well, we won't give the rest away. Joining the cast this time around will be the unscrupulous Ivan C.


Eldridge, III and his eleven-year-old granddaughter Darlene. Play dates at the Royal Theatre in Archer City are July 18, 19, 20, 26, & 27. Curtain goes up at 7:30. Seating is reserved and all seats are just $12.