(Photo by Elaine Osteen)
Local teens and sponsors from the Leo Club announced Wednesday they are headed to West May 11 to spend the day helping in the aftermath of the fertilizer plant explosion.
High school student, Mattie Damron, and her mother, Lee Ann Damron, spoke at the Lions Club meeting to share that the Leos would leave at 6 a.m. and take blankets and clothes to over 300 residents of West who are now displaced because of the accident. They will also help with the clean-up effort and possibly assist in the construction of new houses.
The teens also decided that it would be good for the West  children to have a way to give presents to their moms for Mother's Day, so the Leos will set up tables in a grocery store parking lot and help children make Mother's Day gifts.
Leos will not spend the night on this trip, but they may travel to West the following weekend to help out again.
Mattie Damron explained that they have a relative in West who knows first-hand what some of the needs are so they feel they can make a difference in this devastated town. Since the Leos are a service group, a younger version of the Lions Club, they are looking for ways to serve those in need.
The local Leos Club started with four members and they now have 12. It is open to all junior high and high school students with a heart for service to others.
In other Lions Club business, it was announced that the Mop and Broom sale made about $300.
The Annual Catfish Dinner will be June 6 from 5-7 p.m. Location TBA