Starting with the upcoming school year, Jacksboro High School will offer a new program to help students succeed.

AVID which stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination, is a system that offers a curriculum offering strategies to students that develop critical thinking, literacy and math skills.
Hillary Deffebach, AVID instructor, said it’s a program that is designed to help prepare students for college.

“A lot of it is organizational skills, study skills, critical reading and higher level thinking processes to help them better understand what their reading, but also what ideas the author is trying to get across,” she said.

Deffebach who came to JISD after teaching in Keller, said she first saw the program in action at her previous school.

“It was extremely successful at taking those middle of the road kids, kids that had a lot of potential, but weren’t realizing their potential, to get them to study, to get parental support,” she said. “There was such a dramatic improvement in those kids who were in the AVID program. I wasn’t the sponsor, but I saw the improvement in the students in my class.”

AVID is an elective course that targets students in the academic middle — B and C students — with the desire to go to college and the willingness to work hard.

“A lot of kids right now are apprehensive because they don’t understand the program, because it’s new and never been in Jacksboro ISD,” Deffebach said.


“At my other school, it was an established program and kids wanted to be in AVID, but you had to be teacher recommended.

“There has to be an interest from the student’s aspect. It’s a very rigourous program. It takes a lot of time, a lot of effort, a lot of individual study time. It’s student driven, but to get it off the ground we asked for teacher recommendations.”

Deffebach said there are 14 students currently signed up, but more may be added before the school year begins.

To read the entire article, see the July 22 edition of the Gazette-News.