The City of Bryson may soon have its own law enforcement presence.

During last week’s meeting, Jack County commissioners discussed a possible interlocal agreement with the City of Bryson for support services of detention and dispatch for a city marshal.

Sheriff Melvin Mayo explained that the idea of beefing up law enforcement for Bryson began  three years ago when he was approached and asked about contracting to provide a full-time deputy for the City of Bryson.

“We gave them a proposal of what that would cost for an individual, not only to enforce the state laws, but also enforce the city ordinances that they had on the books,” Mayo told the commissioners court. “We gave them that proposal and spoke with them about what it would cost and it was more than they could pay at the time.”

More recently, the Bryson ISD school board met with Mayo during its regular June meeting concerning its student resource officer position which has been a sheriff’s deputy.

“The school provides half of the salary for an SRO,” Mayo said. “The school board has elected not to renew the contract this year. That’s about $25,000 that they feel like they’re going to put towards a city marshal for the City of Bryson. That would be able to give them somewhat of  full-time law enforcement there in Bryson, as well as, an SRO for the school.


The one-officer marshal service would still rely on the sheriff’s department for some response.
“You know and I know, that one person can’t cover it 24/7, 365 days a year,” Mayo said. “There are going to be some times the City of Bryson will not have an officer available and that’s going to go back to the sheriff’s office to pick up those times as well as backup to that officer.”

He added that the SO provides detention and dispatch services for the City of Jacksboro, but Jacksboro pays for those services.

“I feel like it’s only right that we charge the City of Bryson,” Mayo said. “If they’re going to have their own city marshal service, we’re going to provide those services for them. We need to charge them as we charge the City of Jacksboro, or quit charging the City of Jacksboro, whichever way you want to go.”

The sheriff presented the court with discussion points concerning the possible interlocal agreement between the County and the City of Bryson.

To read the entire article, see the July 22 edition of the Gazette-News.