Budget season has begun and Jacksboro City Council has a plan. It’s a strategic plan developed in 2012.
“The plan was written specifically to help the council develop a budget,” said City Manager Mike Smith.

“Personally, if I don’t have a plan to focus on then I’m just shooting in the dark.”

The plan identifies key focus areas for council to direct its funds.

The plan’s objectives are to improve infrastructure, employee retention and job satisfaction, maintenance cycles and replacement schedules, communications and enhance customer satisfaction.

Headway has been made in regard to some strategies outlined. For example, the strategy to “reduce duplication of effort through equipment centralization” has largely been accomplished.

“Multiple departments were buying similar pieces of equipment,” Smith said. “Now, if we’re going to buy a piece of equipment, we see if it has multiple purposes for multiple departments. It’s something ongoing that we always look at.”

Another strategy is to “consider options for contract or purchase equipment for street repair.”

“We’ve purchased some equipment. We have a laydown machine (paver),” Smith said. “Really, what we’re looking at is, is it more cost effective to buy or rent? We also purchased some equipment for the water department like the sewer relining trailer.


To read the complete story, see the July 15 edition of the Gazette-News.