Sgt. Lillian Gherlein demonstrates the new computer
Sgt. Lillian Gherlein demonstrates the new computer (Cherry Rushin)
Jacksboro Police Department is getting more high tech with the help of Tarleton.
The department recently received six laptop computers for its patrol cars from the Tarleton State University Rural Law Enforcement Initiative.

Chief Terry McDaniel said he was told the value of the new equipment and its installation is $30,000. Though the computers aren’t being used yet, the chief was hoping to receive air cards for them Friday and have them online soon.

“This will enable us to access our records management software that we do our reports in,” he said. “We’ll have access to our video system and criminal justice databases we can search.”

Oftentimes, officers must leave an area being patroled or in which a crime is being investigated in order to return to the office to write reports or to research information via the internet. These are functions that, once online, the laptops will allow them to do from their vehicles.