Monday’s commissioners court was met with updates and follow ups to previous agenda items as well as a few new topics.

Sheila Birdwell, mayor of Bryson spoke during public forum to thank the court for their help in getting Bryson’s sewer project completed. Details of the county’s involvement were not mentioned, it was only that of a kind gesture of thanks.

After public forum Birdwell brought a request to the court to have .03 acres off Dead End Road transferred by deed to the City of Bryson. The city attempted to fence off their property to block access to a secluded area.

“We just want to block this area off because we are having people come down in there and they are wreaking havoc,” said Birdwell. “We started to fence the property line along Dead End Road to prevent this but had to stop because surveyors said this wasn’t Bryson land.”

The small section of land with a pump house for the City of Bryson will need to have .03 acres transferred to it in order to go forward with the fencing.

The court unanimously voted in favor of transferring the .03 acres to Bryson with the assumption this was just an oversight from previous deed work and that the land belongs to Bryson already.
The next topic was brought up from the Jack County Historical Society. Chairman Jess Elmore discussed the annual reports, purchasing a new historical marker and plans for the narrated driving tour scheduled for October 2014.


The cost of the new historical marker is estimated to be $1,200 and Elmore requested the approval from the court to go forward with ordering a new one. The original marker was stolen from the road side park on Highway 281 and with the society’s operations under budget this year, Elmore feels they can afford to purchase another.

“Our budget if I’m not mistaken is $2,000,” he said. “We have spent very little of that and have given back to the fund approximately $1,250 to $1,280. I feel there should be adequate funding to purchase this new historical marker.”

The court ruled in favor of his request with a unanimous vote.

To read the complete article, see the May 16 edition of the Herald.