John W. Lindsey
John W. Lindsey
Editor’s note: There are three Jacksboro City Council places up for election May 10. The April 22 Gazette featured candidates for Place 5 and the April 26 Herald those for Place 3. Today’s features the two candidates running for Place 1 — incumbent John W. Lindsey and Brian Isbell.

What are the top three priorities that you believe are the most pressing concerns for the Jacksboro community?

John W. Lindsey: 1. Lowering property taxes; 2. Animal control and 3. Streets
Brian Isbell: 1. Continuation of quality police protection. 2. Equitable compensation and benefits for City employees. 3. Street repair and infrastructure improvements.
Brian Isbell
Brian Isbell

What suggestions or solutions would you offer to improve city streets?

Isbell: Continue to repair and improve as many as we possibly can within the constraints of our budget.
Lindsey: Shooting a grade to ascertain the high and low spots to have a good starting point before paving with asphalt. Make sure access covers are level with the asphalt.

What suggestions or solutions do you propose to clean up the city and combat litter?

Lindsey: Enforcement of current city ordinances covering such.
Isbell: Lead by example. Once the citizens of Jacksboro see others taking pride in our city, I believe they will follow the example.


What are your thoughts related to residential and multi-family housing in Jacksboro? What improvements if any would you suggest?

Isbell: It’s evident that we need new residential housing units.  It’s difficult for a builder to extend themselves financially without knowing when, or if, a property will sell. This is a dilemma not easily solved.
Lindsey: We currently have both. Fire codes should be strictly enforced, with fire lanes marked.

To read the complete series of questions and answers for Place 1 city council candidates, see the April 29 edition of the Gazette.