Mike Brooks, member of the Bryson School Board, was recognized during the school board meeting Monday for his year of service.

“You filled a very big void and it’s a been a very nice experience working with you,” BISD Superintendent David Stout said to Brooks.

Also during the meeting, the list of items for the ag department was approved. Items on the wish list included six new welders, two new plasma cutters, a 4x4 Torchmate CNC cutter which cuts computerized shapes and figures out of steel, a Sawstop table saw with moisture safety feature, curtain paint booth and/or ventilation and new hand and power tools. The total estimated cost of the tools was $63,000.

“We are going with Jacksboro Welding Supply to get the majority of items on our wishlist,” said ag teacher Tommy Burris. “The only metal fab item not being purchased through them will be the Torchmate, due to them not selling that. They are higher on a few things but bottom line, they win the overall bid.

“My favorite item on the wish list is the individual red metal toolboxes, complete with all tools for each student.”

All students will be held responsible for their own toolbox. Any missing tools will be the responsibility of the student to replace and/or pay fines. Tool boxes will be kept at the school in their lockers. The reason for the toolbox is to reduce the damages and loss of tools in the school’s tool room.


To read the complete article on the BISD School Board meeting, see the April 25 Herald.