New pastor at Cundiff Baptist Church Bruce Hall and his wife Rebecca
New pastor at Cundiff Baptist Church Bruce Hall and his wife Rebecca (Courtesy)
The community of Cundiff welcomes new pastor Bruce Hall and his wife Rebecca to Cundiff Baptist Church. Hall has been a pastor for 20 years — 18 years in San Antonio, two years in East Texas. Hall and his wife moved to Fort Worth in 2012 to begin working on his seven to 12 year PhD program in biblical archaeology. He put his resume out after two years into the program and was accepted by his new church in Cundiff in December.

Hall met his wife while they were both attending Texas A&M University and they were married in 1985. They have four children­ — Daniel 26, James 24, Deborah 23 and Andrew 21.

Hall juggles his full time job as an architectural roofing consultant with being the new pastor at Cundiff Baptist Church. He gives his sermons on Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings as well on Wednesdays for dinner and prayer meetings.

“I am very blessed to have a job that allows me the freedom to leave when I am called upon by my church for various reasons such as funerals or if a member is in the hospital,” Hall said. “My job is really understanding.”

Hall’s sermons not only teach the Bible but are mixed with his personal twist from his experience in biblical archaeology. He shares with his church, items of biblical history which have been discovered.

“I have found historical markers are what people like to hear about. It validates the fact that the bible was not made up,” Hall said.


“It was from real women and men back in the day. It turns the bible from 2D to 3D. You not only get to see what’s written but what has been unearthed. It gives the bible depth.”

To read the complete article, see the April 18 edition of The Jack County Herald.