Juan L. Salazar hosted an informal town hall meeting Saturday evening at First National Bank’s Scarborough Center.

Approximately 20 residents attended the meeting to discuss concerns.

Salazar began the meeting by stating there are big problems in the city and the way it’s being run.

“Our city has enough money to do what we need to do,” he said. “In the last 15 years, we’ve had different councilmen, different city managers and I haven’t seen nothing done in this city. We’ve got the worst city within our surroundings. Why? We’ve been bullied by our own people, our own mayor, city manager.”

He said Friday he went to take measurements on College Street and was confronted by Jackie Hall of the streets department, the chief of police and the city manager.

He said he was told he was disturbing city workers, but according to the last city council meeting, there was not to be any work done on that street.

“He (Smith) said no work was to continue until further notice,” Salazar said.

He also said he has requested public information from city hall and not received it.

Council member Alton Morris said there was discussion regarding the street with the mayor and city manager.

“We’re just trying to get the street done the right way,” Morris said.


“They’re going to fix the grades.”

Salazar said $70,000 was spent on Seventh Street and College Street and both have issues.

A resident in attendance said he lives on South Seventh Street and there’s a big pothole there already.

To read the complete article, see the April 15 edition of the Jacksboro Gazette-News.