Bulk water rates were discussed at last week’s city council meeting.

Raising the rates was discussed at the previous meeting but because it was listed as an item of discussion and not of consideration, council could not vote.

On Tuesday’s agenda, the item was listed as “council to hold discussion and give staff guidance concerning amending the code of ordinances relative to the following fees: bulk water rates — commercial, non-commercial and effluent water.”

City Manager Mike Smith said there are people that buy bulk water to water animals or for their gardens. It is sold as non potable but once they take it, it’s used for anything they want to use it for.

The rate suggested by council at the last meeting would raise the cost of bulk water from 50 cents per barrel to $25 for 1,000 gallons, for 5,000 gallons and about $35 per 1,000 gallons. Smith said at $25 per 1,000 gallons roughly doubles the rate at 50 cents per barrel.

Council also discussed additional animal control. Smith said there are currently no vacant part-time positions. There is some money set aside for summer hires.

Council member Ken Joslin said they would have to look into it during the next budget season. The new fiscal year begins in October.

Concerning the repairs to College Street, Smith reported that the total cost going into that street is estimated at $25,787.


There’s $6,000 set to be spent on emulsion and $1,000 for chip seal rock with the plan being to chip seal the unpaved road. The cost for the curbing is $12 a foot if the city digs up the old curb and $14 of foot if the contractor does.

Smith said there is no contract only a bid for the work. Council member Juan Salazar said there are issues with the work being done. He asked about the piece of curbing on the corner of Second Street that was removed and redone.

“We’re not paying twice for that,” said Smith.

Salazar said without a contract, the builder can put 3/8 inch steel instead of half-inch steel in the curbing and that’s what’s being done.

To read the complete article, see the April 14 edition of the Jacksboro Gazette-News.