Editor's note: This the third in a five-part series on tax rates in Jack County.

Of the 14 counties surveyed selected for their proximity or population size similar to Jack County, the county's tax rate sits right in the middle as the seventh lowest.

Compared to the surrounding counties with the exception of Archer County which did not respond to the request for information, Jack County's tax rates are higher than all except Clay and Young counties.

Jack County's tax rate is also lower than the two counties closest in taxable values to Jack — Young County's $1.085 billion is taxed at a rate of 58.9 cents per $100 of valuation and Mitchell County assesses as 44.1 cent tax on its $1.07 billion of valuation.

The special tax funds road and bridge maintenance and related items including salary expenses for precinct operations, fuel, rock, culverts and more. The general tax funds all the rest of the county operations.

County Judge Mitchell Davenport said having a tax in the middle of the comparison is good.
“I think our rate is reasonable,” Davenport said. “If you compare it to the other rates in the county which operate on the same tax roll it's next to the lowest.”
He said many people don't understand how low the tax for road and bridge is. 

“We get people from time to time that come in and talk to the commissioners and complain about our roads,” Davenport said.


“We're not always happy with our roads. And we're always looking to make things better but a lot of people don't realize how little they pay to the road and bridge tax.

“Commissioners have looked up specifically what a taxpayer who has approached them pays for road and bridge and told them, ‘You pay $65 a year to road and bridge. Which little pieces of the road in front of your house would you like a couple of buckets of rock on?'”

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