In September 2013, the Jacksboro City Council passed an ordinance that included several changes to the current Animal Control Ordinance.

 One of the most significant changes dealt with restrictions to chaining and tethering animals, and was driven in part due to changes in state law.

The new ordinance places restrictions on chaining and tethering animals in cases where it could injure the animal; if it restricts access to food, water and shelter; during certain hours of the day; during inclement weather; and if the owner does not remain outside with the animal while it is chained or tethered.

Although the ordinance took effect immediately when passed last September, the Council agreed that no fines would be imposed until residents had an opportunity to build fences or pens that would reduce the need to chain or tether a dog.

 Since then, the City of Jacksboro Animal Control has sent a number of warning letters in an effort to educate residents about these changes. Beginning April 1, 2014, any violations of the “Chaining and Tethering Animals” ordinance will result in fines.

Another change to the Animal Control Ordinance dealt with trapping and poisoning of animals. It is unlawful to intentionally poison an animal inside the city limits. Additionally, anyone who wants to trap animals inside the city limits must obtain a permit prior to setting any traps.

For additional information, please feel free to contact City Hall or Animal Control.