Terry Ward, second from left, and TInker Barker, right, talk with votes following the Jack County Republican meeting
Terry Ward, second from left, and TInker Barker, right, talk with votes following the Jack County Republican meeting (Cherry Rushin)
Local candidates of contested races spoke to a group of about 20 voters at the meeting of the Republican Party of Jack County Monday night.

Three of the four Jack County justice of the peace candidates were in attendance. As were both Jack County Precinct 4 Commissioner candidates.

Precinct 4 incumbent Terry Ward spoke first and addressed criticism he has received concerning roads. 
“Most of the questions have been that I haven't put down rock or been taking care of the roads,” Ward said. “I spent $9,000 more (on rock) the first year and $15,000 more the second year. This oil deal has really got things packed in so hard, you can run a blade across the roads and it'll just smoke on the gravel because it's so packed in.

Party Chairperson Sharon Van Baale encouraged those with issues to attend commissioners meetings and express their concerns.

Precinct 4 Commissioner candidate Robert “Tinker” Barker spoke next.
“I know the roads are a very touchy subject and I've got nothing against Mr. Ward, but as God-believing, God-fearing people one thing we can do is pray for rain,” he said.
He finished his address by saying his stance on any issue is that if it doesn't agree with God or the Bible, he's not for it.

Next, Justice of the Peace incumbent Nolan Dunlap spoke and thanked the people of Jack County for putting him in his current position as judge. He has served in the office for 24 years.


“I just hope I'll keep my job and keep on doing the best I can with it,” Dunlap said. “I think I do a good job with it. I think I know how to meet, greet and handle people and I appreciate all of you.”

JP candidate Peggy Ferrell briefly addressed the group. She thanked Marley for helping to bring congressional candidate Elaine Hays to speak in Jacksboro Sunday.

Candidate Stacy Spurlock spoke to those in attendance saying she is ready to serve as justice of the peace.
She said she has been a Wise County employee for 16 years as a justice of the peace court clerk.
“Even when you are a newly elected judge and they send you to school, the one thing they tell you right off is — hang onto your clerks because your clerks run your office. They know what's going on. They assist you, they guide you and they help you,” Spurlock said. “I know that my judge, if he needs something, I'm the one that he comes to.

Chairperson Sharon Van Baale encouraged those in attendance to step up and serve as precinct chair or election judge.

She added that some important dates for the party are Election Day, March 4 which the precinct convention will take place at 7:30 p.m. or as soon as the last voter votes.
The canvas of the votes and the runoff ballot drawing for the county and precinct offices if necessary will be at 10 a.m. March 13 at the courthouse.

The county convention will take place at 7 p.m. March 22 at the First National Scarborough Center.

The state convention will be June 5-7 in Fort Worth.

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