According to an update from Texas Gas service at 4 p.m. there are now fewer than 50 gas customers who have not yet had service restored. Service techs are in the process of working on 15 orders taking that number down to 35.

A press release from earlier this afternoon is as follows.

Texas Gas Service has restored natural gas service to the majority of our Jacksboro customers. As of 1 p.m. this afternoon, there were fewer than 80 customers without service. We have been to every house or business at least three times to try to reach out customers. We ask that if you do not have service to please call customer service at 800-700-2443. We will work as late as is safely possible to get our Jacksboro customers natural gas service. Someone 18 or older must be home for us to complete the process and we will need to enter the home to complete the relight process. 
We have initiated an automated call that should go out this afternoon, stating, “We at Texas Gas Service sincerely appreciate your patience and support. We have natural gas service restored to the majority of our customers. If you do not yet have service restored, please call customer service at 800-700-2443. Again, we thank you for your support and kindness to our crews working in Jacksboro.”
For safety reasons, we ask that customers not attempt to restore their own natural gas service.


  We have brought in extra workers from throughout the state of Texas and from our Oklahoma division to help get Jacksboro back in service as safely and as quickly as possible.
As a reminder, if you have pets, please secure them for the safety of our technicians. If you do not want our technicians to knock on your door late this evening, you can leave your porch light off or leave a note on your door. Our technicians wear clothing clearly marked with a yellow safety vest with Texas Gas Service (or Oklahoma Natural Gas Service) on it.
Again we want to extend our sincerest gratitude to the residents of Jacksboro for their patience, understanding, and kindness as we worked to restore service.
As always, we ask that if you smell natural gas, please leave the area immediately and call us at (800) 959-LEAK (5325).