At the Jacksboro City Council meeting a citizen took issue with the recent closing of a block of Mesquite Street on the south side of the city's maintenance barn.

The street has been closed off with concrete blocks. City Manager Mike Smith said the council voted to close that section of the street to fence off the lot to prevent theft early last year.

It also approved extended hours for early voting in the possible upcoming May 10 election for council members. Places 1, 3 and 5 held by John Lindsey, Ken Joslin and Juan Salazar are up for election. Candidates can file now through Feb. 28.

During the request for future agenda items, Salazar requested the council discuss animal control issues.
“We need to have something on the agenda about the dogs, the animals that are running loose because it's getting worse, and worse and worse,” he said. “I've called personally and didn't even get a call back. Whatever we need to do, if we need to add somebody to help or something, it's getting out of hand. I've had a few citizens ask me about how come she (Star Kinder, animal control officer) doesn't return phone calls or even answer the phone during business hours.”

Read the full article in the Jack County Herald, Jan. 31