At Tuesday’s Jacksboro City Council meeting, Jacksboro City Council voted to allow gate fees during ball games at the city baseball fields.

President of the Little League Association, Kasey Swan of Jacksboro was the representative on the topic of gate fee entries and road closures to the baseball fields during games.

The association requested the ability to charge a $2 fee for adults, players get in free, and as for children, the fee will be discussed at a later date.

The topic of road closures during baseball games was presented by Smith as a suggestion to make sure the people attending the games could do so safely by barricading off the strip of road between the fields. Swan has offered to build an alternate route at no cost to the city to extend the road leading from the Community Center and Jack County Fair Barn that would lead drivers past the last field by the lake. The second road would also go around the fields beginning south then travel between the fields and playground. The two routes would keep the traffic out of the main area where children are present while games are played.

Salazar made the motion to allow gate fees which was approved by four council members and opposed by Joslin. The council also approved the road closures between the baseball fields for the well-being of the kids. Additional information is required to approve construction of the new routes in the future.


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