Jack County commissioners again discussed the county radio communications system during it's called meeting for Dec. 27.

“I think it's time we need to move on it,” said Sheriff Melvin Mayo. “We've been trying to get this done for the last two and half to three years now and we've made some progress in the fact that the county's purchased a tower in the north end of the county. I brought to the court a month and a half a go that there's a tower available to us at this time.”

The tower Mayo referred to was a 208-foot tower for sell. He said he has been quoted $23,000 to put 148 feet of that tower up at the County Law Enforcement Center which would give the county its second of a desired three-tower system.
“We have the option of either going to a private landowner to try to acquire land on the south end or we've got the other option of getting on at the 600-foot level on the 1,400-foot tower at the south end of the county,” Mayo said. “Those are some of the options we have available to us.”

He said if the county moved on installing a tower immediately, it would likely be six to eight months before the tower could be put up at the LEC.

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