The area’s first bout of winter weather hit last weekend and many were not prepared for the slippery driving conditions.

A DPS state trooper even found himself in a ditch east of Bryson while on duty Friday afternoon.

Jack County firemen, EMS and law enforcement officers were kept running that day with calls of motorists in similar situations.

Trooper Terry Lockridge said DPS was seeing a high-rate of incidence of fatal accidents in the surrounding counties prior to the winter storm.

Motorists have a few dangers to be watchful for besides severe weather.

“Drivers need to be more vigilant for the deer activity and other dangerous activity like hogs and tired motorists,” Lockridge said. “Now that winter is here, people turn on their heaters which puts people in a relaxed mode or state of mind.”

Regarding winter driving, Brian Barth, TxDOT Fort Worth district engineer said there are several precautions and safe driving habits to incorporate to reduce the risk on the road.

Those include planning a trip by checking current road conditions by calling (800) 452-9292 or visiting There’s even a mobile app.

Read the full article in Jacksboro Gazette News, Nov. 25.