The 2A District 5 All-District results are in and several players from Jacksboro made the list.

The District MVP was Tiger quarterback Kirk Weldon. District Offensive MVP was DJ Thomas and District Defensive MVP was Garrett Johnson.

District coach of the year was Brian Hodnett.

First team offensive line included Jacksboro's Garrett Johnson and Kade Rodie, along with Jackson Towery, Nocona; Ronnie Killen, City View and Gus Alamos, Henrietta.
First team tight ends were Tyler O'Neal, Nocona and Miles Marchman, Henrietta.

Wide Receivers were Jacksboro's David Stretcher, Catlalino Hernandez, Nocona; Dalton Jackson, City View and Connor Fletcher, Henrietta.

Wing and blocking back were Damon Ledet of Alvord and Jesse Herd of Jacksboro.
Utility was DJ Corsey of City View. Quarterback was Ryan Karr of City View. Running backs were John Jennings of Nocona and Joe Randall of Alvord.

The second team offensive line was Evan Embry, Nocona; Colby Windhan, Alvord; Zack Bloodworth, Henrietta; Seth Oliver, Holliday, along with, Tye Sandlin and Jonah Meade of Jacksboro.

Second team tight ends were David Gallagher of Alvord and Tylor Brown of Henrietta.
Wide receivers were Dustin Calabrese, Henrietta; Arron Whitehead, Henrietta; Cooper Tisdale, Jacksboro; Kyle Sentell, Nocona and Jaylon White, Alvord.

Wing and blocking backs were Christian Ibarra, Nocona; Seth Rogers, Jacksboro and Hayden West, Henrietta.


Second team running backs were Collin Kinder, Jacksboro and Leo Hunter, Henrietta.
The kicker was Jameson Dowell and punters were Dustin Calabrese, Henrietta and Chase Thompson, Jacksboro.

Defensive linemen were Austin Broussard, Henrietta; Jesse Herd, Jacksboro and Daytona Politakis, Nocona.

Defensive ends were Kade Rodie, Jacksboro and Drew Filkins, Nocona.
Inside linebackers were Chase Thompson, Jacksboro; Tyler O'Neal, Nocona and Troy Morales, Alvord.

Outside linebackers were Kyle Sentell, Nocona; Ronnie Killen, City View; Dustin Calabrese, Henrietta, Bailey Broyles, Holliday and Austin Hansen, Jacksboro.

Defensive backs were John Jennings, Nocona; Joe Randall, Alvord; Connor Fletcher, Henrietta and David Stretcher, Jacksboro.

Utilities were Cody Fletcher or Henrietta and Cooper Tisdale of Jacksboro.
Second team defensive line was Easton Stringer, Holliday; EJ Lozada, Jacksboro and Jackson Towery, Nocona.

Inside linebackers were Seth Rogers of Jacksboro and Justin Silva of City View. Outside linebackers were Catalino Hernandez, Nocona; Leo Hunter, Henrietta and Corey Edwards, Holliday.

Second team defensive backs were Cristin Ibarra, Nocona; Lane Peace, Alvord; Aaron Whitehead, Henrietta and Triston Montgomery, Jacksboro. Utility was Bryce Schroeder of Henrietta.