(Vicki Rodgers)
Hidden Lake RV Ranch and Safari were recently filmed by television crews from DFW Fox 4 News. A few months ago, they were filmed by a documentary crew from Canada called Summerhill Entertainment, who specializes in animal stories. According to owners Larry and Vicky Rodgers, Anchor Reporter Richard Ray and Cameraman Raul Cantu were excited to visit the ranch Sept. 25, to do a story for Lone Star Adventures. It should air within three to four weeks and will run several times during the course of a week and posted on their website for 1-2 years. Larry had contacted them a month before to see if they would consider doing an adventure at their ranch with the safari animals. The ranch is unique because they have RV sites and the exotic animals roam through the sites and the ranch.
Ray said, "We are always looking for unique places to visit and your ranch definitely fits the criteria we are looking for." Once the two man crew arrived, they said it was beyond their expectations. As they drove around the ranch, the crew captured still and video pictures of the animals and were able to feed the fallow deer, and film the mountain sheep and goats on the hills. They interviewed Larry about how the ranch and safari idea developed and Vicki told about Hot Shot, their blue heeler, and his unusual relationship with a pet Sika deer, Newt. Ray started promoting the ranch through Twitter and Facebook regarding his visit right away. He has been reporting for Lone Star Adventures since 1998. Ray emailed, "I plan to return for a visit on my own in the future.


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