The Graham Drive In, opened in 1948, wins the national contest to receive one of the five new digital projectors offered by Honda, called Project Drive-In. With the shift from film to digital, the theatre was facing an option to purchase a new projector or close. The projector has a price tag of $100,000. Theatre managers Erin and J. Hawkins came up with an idea to get attention with a video that claimed zombies once roamed the grounds of the Graham Drive-In. Apparently, it was a great idea, because it increased national attention which brought in more votes. Jacksboro participated in the voting process and is pleased the theatre will continue to operate, showing recent releases with the new equipment. According to an article published in the Fort Worth Star Telegram by Bill Hanna, there are 15 drive ins in Texas and 357 across the U.S., with 145 of those already converted to digital movies. The idea of outdoor theatres is not diminishing because a new one in Fort Worth, Coyote Drive-In, opened last Spring with the new digital projectors. The Galaxy Drive-In near Ennis boasts six screens. According to CBS news, the project, sponsored by Honda, was extended until Sept. 21, with four more winners added. Hopefully, Granbury will win a new projector. They have been open since 1952. Graham celebrated with a tailgate party Friday and a free viewing of The Smurfs 2.