In a surprising turn of events, Dr. Neil Berry has reconsidered his decision to leave Jacksboro. In the Sept. 10 Jacksboro Gazette-News, it was reported that he had been hired by Texas Tech Medical System in Lubbock. However, before contracts could be finalized, he thought more about the decision. "I had such an overwhelming response by my patients, I just didn't feel I could leave. This has been our home all these years, and these are all our friends. The response of the community of people who didn't want me to leave made me realize... it was touching. I've decided to continue here. I'm not retiring. I'll practice as long as the good Lord allows me to do so. I feel needed here," Dr. Berry explained. "I was contacted by the Texas Tech Medical System and I explored it, but I just can't leave Jacksboro." Frank Beaman, Chief Executive Officer of Faith Community Hospital, was all smiles in the meeting to disclose the news Wednesday morning. "We've had several calls at the hospital saying they were upset about him going. We couldn't be more thrilled that he's decided to stay." Beaman explained that Dr. Berry will start seeing patients Oct. 7 at the FCH Rural Health Clinic, located in the hospital. Dr. Berry asked that letters sent out Monday be disregarded. He has been serving clients for 36 years in Jacksboro.