The Jack County Health Fair will be held from 8 a.m to noon, Sept. 21 at the Twin Lakes Activity Center. There will be free goodies, door prizes, and free screenings. Screenings include vision and hearing test, blood pressure checks and blood sugar testing. Also, there will be blood draws at the fair to test CBC, white cell and red cell H&H; LIPID, Triglycerides, Total Chloride, HDL and LDL; BMP, Glucose, Bun, Creatine, Electrolyte and kidney function; and HGBA1C. The blood draws will be taken to the hospital for processing and results will be mailed the following week. Patients should be fasting after midnight on the 20th and morning of the 21st. Persons wanting the blood screenings should be 12 years old and older to receive the test. Be sure to be there early on the day of the fair for the testing. The fair is hosted by Jack County Extension Service, Faith Community Hospital, Jacksboro Parks and Recreation and Jack County Health Action Coalition. Call (940) 567-2132 for more information.