The City of Jacksboro Drought Contingency Plan has three different drought conditions that are triggered by either natural processes, such as lack of rain, or equipment failures that impact the City's ability to produce enough water to meet the demands of all residents. The initial drought condition is Mild Condition, and is triggered by one of four conditions: 1. The water treatment plant produces more than 0.9 million gallons per day for three consecutive days 2. A major component of the water treatment or distribution system fails, limiting the capacity of the facilities to 0.8 million gallons per day 3. The lake level in Lost Creek Reservoir reaches an elevation of 1000 feet mean sea level (msl) 4. The storage in Lost Creek Reservoir reaches 8500 acre-feet The current level in Lost Creek Reservoir is 1002.2 feet msl. Although the lake is still more than two feet above the trigger point for Mild Condition Drought Contingency Planning, it is important for all residents to realize that the potential exists to reach this trigger point in the future if we do not receive rain. All measures for Mild Condition Drought Contingency Planning are strictly voluntary and include the following: 1. Request voluntary reduction in water usage by limiting lawn watering to once every 5-days 2. Request limiting car washing to once a week 3. Request reducing indoor usage by 10 Percent Being conscience of the amount of water we all use is important to help avoid mandatory measures if the situation gets worse.


The City of Jacksboro encourages all residents to conserve water, regardless of the drought condition the city is currently facing. Should you have any questions, please contact City Manager Mike Smith at (940) 567-6321.