The August meeting of the Ladies of Faith featured five local speakers who shared tips to make life easier and/or healthier. Shiloh Cornish talked about the benefits of yoga; Brenda Tarpley told ways to organize our lives with a computer program called Evernote; Ryan and Becky Hammond shared cooking tips; and Jill Coker explained the web site, Pinterest. In Cornish's presentation, she outlined the health benefits of yoga as stress reduction, improved fitness, and the management of chronic conditions. She suggested that to get started, it would be good to learn with an instructor and she announced that there will be a beginner's yoga class every Monday and Wednesday starting at 9 a.m., Sept. 4 at the Jacksboro Parish Church Fellowship Hall. It will cost $5 per class and childcare will be provided. She also recommended a free app called "Take a Break," and explained that there are many videos and other phone apps that offer yoga instruction. Brenda Tarpley, Executive Director of the Jacksboro Chamber of Commerce, explained some of the applications for using Evernote, a free internet program that aids in personal or professional organization. She showed how meeting notes, project implementation, shopping lists, recipes, sticky notes, business cards, etc. can be synced with smart phones in order to GTD (Get Things Done). Tarpley used a PowerPoint presentation to show how to save web pages, photos, records, and even audio to an Evernote account. In order to utlilize this program, go to www.

Advertisement and set up a personal account. There are many YouTube videos that offer tutorials on how to use different components of Evernote. Ryan Hammond is a certified chef and Becky Hammond is the manager of City Drug Store. They gave healthy cooking tips, including that they use their grill a lot to make extra meat on the weekend. They suggested using that meat in several different ways during the week. They also marinate meat on the weekends so it's usable for longer periods of time. Ryan and Becky shared that one reason they use their grill so much is because it cuts down on lots of cleaning in the kitchen. They put stuffing mix in the food processor to make their own breading mixture for baking meats rather than frying. Another tip was to use angel hair pasta rather than regular pasta because it cooks faster. Jill Coker, along with husband Mike, owns Coker Funeral Home and Garlic's Pizza, and she talked about the popular web site called Pinterest. She showed organizational tips by sharing typical Pinterest "boards" such as Homework Organization, Back to School Lunch Organization, 15-20 Minutes a Day to Keep a Clean House, and 27 Things to Organize a Kitchen. For those interested in Pinterest, go to and set up a free personal account.