Bryson Independent School District is announcing the dress code to parents before the tax-free shopping weekend Aug. 9 - 11. The following are the rules which apply to clothing, hair and modifications to the body. Clothing with tears or holes above the knee is prohibited. A fray is not considered a hole until skin or undergarments are visible. Any form of clothing, outerwear, or accessories that is associated with, promotes, or advertises weapons, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, sex, gangs, hate groups, violence, inappropriate language, or vulgarity, either explicitly or by innuendo, including hand-writing or pictures on clothing, accessories, or self is prohibited. Startling, unusual, or immodest attire shall not be permitted. This includes fads in hairdos, clothing, or anything designed to attract attention to the individual or to disrupt the orderly conduct of the classroom or campus. Only medically prescribed sunglasses will be worn in school. Hats, caps, headbands, bandannas, or sunglasses will not be worn inside the building and are not to be taken into the classrooms. Hats or caps may be worn to events in which students are asked to compete or perform in an out-of-doors activity. The event sponsor will determine what is allowable as to wording and/or cleanliness. Students will be allowed to wear hats and caps facing the forward position outside of the school day. Students may not wear pajamas or other sleepwear clothing, house-shoes, or other fuzzy slipper types.


Spandex or biker shorts may not be worn alone. Shorts will be allowed. The length of a short may be no less than the tips of the fingers when a student is standing with their arms by their side and the waistband is in the natural waistline position. Shorts shall not be tight fitting. Shoes or footwear must be worn. All footwear must be appropriate. Roller blades and skates are not permitted. Girls are allowed to wear earrings; any other piercing, rings, studs, ear bars or spacers in any exposed body part will not be permitted during the school day or at any BISD sponsored activity. Hair must be a natural hair color and styled in a way that does not cause a distraction. Designs cut into the hair are not allowed. Students must wear sufficient undergarments, and undergarments must be covered by outer garments. Sports bras are considered undergarments. Boys'hair should be clean, combed and well groomed at all times. Length of hair must not be longer than the collar in the back, not lower than the bottom of the ear lobe on the sides, and bangs must not hang below the eyebrows in the front. Boys may not wear any objects in their hair. Faces will be clean-shaven with no facial hair. Clothing will be worn in the same manner it was intended to be worn (i.e. shorts and pants will be worn around the waist and not below), and baggy pants are not allowed. Wearing of sideburns will be allowed if not below the bottom of the earlobe. Girls' low cut and strapless dresses and tops are not to be worn. It is unacceptable to wear dresses, skirts, and shorts at a length not appropriate for sitting or bending in a modest fashion. A general rule will be that a skirt shall not be shorter than three (3) inches above the knee. A skirt slit will be considered the hem. It is unacceptable to wear bare midriff, halter, cut off, fishnet/mesh, or bare back tops or dresses or any clothing that exposes undergarments. Tank tops and spaghetti strap tops are not acceptable for grades 3-12. Girls will not be allowed to wear tops that expose the navel or any part of the midriff. The garment is inappropriate if the midriff is exposed while placing palms together overhead.