Awards earnedThe Jacksboro Middle School 2013-2014 Cheerleaders attended UCA Camp at Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine.  Cheerleaders are (front from left)
Awards earned The Jacksboro Middle School 2013-2014 Cheerleaders attended UCA Camp at Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine. Cheerleaders are (front from left) Carly Hart (7th), Nuvia Garcia (7th), Hannah Herd (8th), Macon Shoun (7th), Emily Autry (7th); (back row left to right): Mascot (TJ) Leah Plaster (7th), Trinity Reynolds (8th), Trinity Tisdale (7th), Jennifer Brown (8th), Rylee Staley (8th), and Esmeralda Banuelos (8th). Cheerleading sponsor is Aprille Fudge. (courtesy)
Jacksboro Middle School cheerleaders recently attended camp at Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine. The squad was very successful, garnering several awards during the week. Despite competing against mostly larger schools, the middle school cheerleaders were named the Most Improved Squad at the camp and received a trophy for the Best Sideline Performance. In addition to that honor, the JMS cheerleaders also received four superior ribbons and one excellent ribbon and brought home a camp spirit stick. Trinity Tisdale, Emily Autry, Nuvia Garcia, Esmeralda Banuelos, Hannah Herd, Rylee Staley and Trinity Reynolds were nominated for All-American honors. Hannah Herd and Emily Autry were named to the All-American squad. In addition to the performances that led to the All-American nominations, Esmeralda Banuelos and Macon Shoun were selected to participate in the UCA Camp Jumpoff competition. Not only are awards presented at camp, but there is a lot of instruction that is given by college cheerleaders who are employed by the UCA to give instruction during the summer. A lot of the success earned during the week can be attributed to the work done by Jennifer Brown and Carly Hart, who improved as bases throughout the week of camp. Without knowledgeable and strong bases many of the stunts that are performed at pep rallies and games would not be possible.


Leah Plaster received instruction from an instructor that is a college mascot on how to make the JMS mascot, TJ, become an entertaining part of the school pep rallies and games and how to interact with the crowd. At the end of camp, Plaster was awarded a trophy for Most Improved Mascot. Cheerleading sponsor, Aprille Fudge, was very proud of the work done by her squad during the week. She commented, "These girls have been preparing for the upcoming season since May and they will continue to prepare after returning from camp. We had a lot of success at camp and brought back a lot of fun things to incorporate into the season. I was very proud of their achievements at camp against squads from much larger schools and feel that they are going to have a great year."