Almost finished with 7th Street and will move on to 5th Street then Live Oak.
Almost finished with 7th Street and will move on to 5th Street then Live Oak. (Pam Hudson)
By MARK STRETCHER Sports Writer In the Jacksboro City meeting Tuesday night, City Manager Mike Smith reported that the paving on Seventh Street should be complete by the end of next week. In open forum, Juan Salazar, Sr., addressed the trustees about his concerns associated with the street repairs. He asked the City to prevent potential water hazards by curbing the street before applying the asphalt. Smith informed the Council that the City simply did not have the money to put curbs in, but the natural slope of the street will more than adequately allow for drainage. Smith informed the Council that the next street improvements would be Fifth street to Highway 281 followed by work on Live Oak from Main Street to Second Street. Smith continues to work on a solution to the issuance of city permits in the absence of a City Inspector. Smith told the council that the front desk is not issuing any permits for projects that cannot be completed by July 19 and that he is still working on a solution to issue permits for projects completed after that date. The Council considered a request to waive the ordinance approved in December that forbid the drilling of oil and gas wells in the city limits. The land owner and drilling company that requested the waiver were not present because the issue was if the city wanted to waive the rule in general so as to indicate that it would be waived for some landowners but not for others. The Council agreed to not waive the ordinance.


Following a discussion of the animal control issues in town, including the difficulties associated with the enforcement of animal control ordinances and which types of animals such as livestock and fighting chickens would be included, the Council decided to table action on a revised Animal Control Ordinance. City Manager Mike Smith reported that the City airport is used rather frequently, but without needed repairs the usage will not be able to continue. Lenora Joslin addressed the City Council in open forum about the summer activities at the library. Joslin also asked the Council for a contract by the end of July so the local library can apply for status as a State Public Library. Russonna Jones-Briscoe addressed the Council concerning the activities of the Concerned Citizens. She encouraged the City to remember the Concerned Citizens in the upcoming budget. Vicky Tillery concluded the open comment section of the meeting by asking the Council to consider upgrading the Christmas decorations on display in town and offered the services of the Pink Ladies to help out in any way needed. The Council then turned their attention to the upcoming budget process and discussed some of the priorities for the upcoming fiscal year. Smith reminded the Council of all goals needed to support the previously agreed upon priorities of infrastructure improvement and employee retention and satisfaction. The Council discussed such needs as lights on the city owned baseball and softball fields, city park improvements to go with the opening of the new pool, historic markers and benches, Christmas decorations, and donations to various groups. The new City Pool is scheduled to open July 27. Linda Pack reported that First National Bank has agreed to sponsor the Grand Opening. The pool will be available for private parties and other special events. The City Manager also reported that the annual TNT Fest was a huge success with over one thousand people in attendance.