According to an article in the Wise County Messenger, a court reporter who works in the Jack and Wise Counties 271st district courts has been arrested for delivering 3.5 grams of methamphetamine to an undercover agent at a hotel room in Decatur. Jeffery Goodwyn, 56, posted a $20,000 bond and was released June 15 from the Wise County Jail, but possible additional charges could follow. Denton County District Court released the affidavit to Messenger Reporter Brandon Evans, which includes allegations that Goodwyn was stealing drugs from the court's evidence room and using them to lure young men to his home for sex. Texas Rangers searched the basement of his home, taking a cell phone, computer drives, and DVDs. U.S. Secret Service agents will be analyzing the data. Goodwyn worked with the 271st Judicial District courtrooms for many years, 30 total years as a court reporter, and 19 years working with District Judge John Fostel, who said, "Not much shocks me, but I'm shocked by this whole thing." Goodwyn makes $86,000 a year as a court reporter, documenting the details of a trial, hearing or depositions on a small machine, then transcribing the notes into a permanent legal record.