After several weeks of discussion, the Jacksboro City Council passed an ordinance Tuesday that encourages, but does not force residents with a well on their property, to hook up to city water services. The ordinance will require a permit for any new wells drilled. In addition, all new wells will be required to pass inspection or make necessary correction to their backflow prevention equipment. Failure to comply with the testing requirements will result in a fine of $100 per day as well as suspension of the right to operate the well. No new commercial wells will be allowed. In addition, all commercial wells must pass inspection by Oct. 1. Failure to comply with the testing requirements mandated in the ordinance will result in a fine of $100 per day and suspension of the right to use the well until the required tests are completed. In Open Forum, the City Council was informed that the pool should open in mid July. Lenora Joslin asked to be placed on the agenda for the next meeting to update the council on the activities at the library. Kenny Joslin officially rejoined the City Council as he was administered the Oath of Office. City Manager Mike Smith informed the council that the activities associated with the TNT Festival were scheduled to start at 2 p.m., Friday. The plans for a carnival fell through at the last minute, but Smith informed the Council that there would be a mechanical bull and boat races to fill that gap. The council was also informed that the Planning and Zoning Board would meet each third Tuesday at 6 p.m. The council will start gearing up for the budget process at the next meeting.


The plans to change the City Inspector position to an in-house position for the city became complicated when the current inspection company provided the city with a 30-day notice to terminate their contract, leaving Jacksboro with no way to conduct inspections. Smith told the council he was very surprised with this development and will look at options to cover the necessary city inspections until the new budget year begins and the new position can commence. The city police building has leaks in the roof that must be addressed as well. The roof concerns coupled with the HVAC units that have stopped working may force the city to postpone the purchase of the second budgeted police vehicle and use that money to make the necessary repairs. Juan Salazar Jr. was elected to the position of Mayor Pro Tem and Scott Spiller was appointed to the position of Municipal Court Judge. The Council approved the adoption of a legal update to the current ordinances as presented from UNICO, The Council also approved the ratification of the city limit boundaries. The city limit signs were erected several years ago without approval from the Texas Department of Transportation and had to be removed. The ratification of the City Limits will allow the city limit signs to be put back in place. The City Council will meet again on July 9 at 5:30.