Bryson Independent School District will hold a school bond election this Saturday. Residents are able to vote from 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. at the Bryson Senior Citizens Center. Jacksboro is also holding a municipality election at the City Hall to vote on Mayor and Place 5 Council. The amount of the Bryson bond election is $3.5 million and if passed, the projects include: demolition of old high school and gym; construction of archway memorial of old high school entrance; construction of concession, restrooms, and dressing rooms at track/football field; install security cameras for all district buildings; purchase new classroom, library and cafeteria furniture; replace old buses and vehicles; install additional playground equipment; update equipment for Ag shop; a basketball court on playground area; update Ag project barn; install fencing and metal awning to conceal duct work and units on practice gym; and construct additional parking around gyms. The addition of Senate Wind, LLC to Bryson ISD creates a one-time opportunity for residents to secure needed facilities and equipment for the students while lowering the tax rate on residents. If passed, the two wind farms would be responsible for paying 60 cents of every dollar of the bonds that are issued. Seven years ago, the BISD tax rate was $1.57, with the current rate $1.39. If the bond election passes, the projected BISD tax rate for next year would be $1.38.