Mayor Lewis James is running for re-election in the Mayor’s race.
James has deep roots in Jacksboro, dating back to the Civil War days. Having been born and raised here, as well as raising a family here, the James’ have invested their lives in the city.
After graduating from Jacksboro High School, where he went all 12 years, James married another local, Carolyn, and they lived and worked in 17 foreign countries. The James’ then returned to enter a career in Law Enforcement, having worked for Erath County,  Logan County, Colo., as well as the Office Depot, where he excelled in loss prevention for the company.
“We went from the worst in the nation for Workers Comp to the best in 1 year,” says James.
(Photo by Sandi Argo)

When asked about the things he feels he has accomplished in the two years in office as mayor, James commented, “We have seen upgrades on the water systems, sewer systems and soon to be seen on the sewer lines. We have improved the gas lines, the waste water systems, many of the infrastructure issues have been improved.
“When I came into office, the Fire Hall wasn’t completed. Since then, we have seen it finished and now it is a very active part of the community.
“Beginning in July or August, we will be working on paving streets in the city as well. We have started the TNT Fest and the boat races too. The city is growing in many ways.”
Mayor James added, “This is my home.


I want this city to prosper and grow. I want Jacksboro to be a better place for all to live. That’s why I ran for Mayor in the first place.”