I’m sometimes accused of being “preachy” but I could be called a lot worse (and probably am...) Sunday, we had an evangelist named Renee Moore and she preached a dynamic message.
She spoke of our country’s beginnings, back to Calvin Coolidge in 1923 when he said, “democracy cannot and will not long endure without God.” She said our constitution was founded on Christian principles by imperfect men, but men who realized we needed the Bible to be moral and remain a great nation. She recounted the story of when Gen. George Washington took the Oath of Office as the first president, he didn’t want it to be his inauguration, but America’s inauguration. So he called all churches to ring their bells and come together to pray so the nation of America would be solely dedicated to God.
At that time, the capitol was not in Washington, D.C., but in New York, so Washington took the leaders of Congress, the House and other leaders through the streets of New York City, right through the area now known as Ground Zero to St. Paul’s Chapel and knelt before God as the first official act of our country and they prayed for two hours. (How long has it been since we prayed for two hours?)
She preached that we have forgotten God. Not overnight, but over many years. She said America is in trouble today because the church has been silent. We’ve allowed too much without having a voice.


She told about ancient Israel as a nation that forgot God. They were birthed for God’s glory but forgot their foundation and their covenant with God. His covenant had a condition. If you follow me, I will bless you. If you fall away, you’ll have cursing and calamity. They did not follow him. God sent them warning after warning through prophets, but they killed the prophets. God finally removed the hedge in 1732 BC and allowed the Syrians in. God is trying to get our attention the same way.
It was an act of mercy for God to allow the enemies to enter Israel. He wanted them to remember and return to Him, but they refused because they said they could defeat the enemies of their own ability. America is following the same pattern. 9/11 was a wakeup call for America. We got patriotic for a few months, but we didn’t repent.
What’s going to happen? IF MY PEOPLE..., which are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from Heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. (II Chronicles 7:14)
Will we? God is not even sure we will.
Moore then told about the Miracle of 9/11. The little church at St. Paul has a huge old sycamore tree that might date back to the 1700s. When the towers collapsed, buildings went down all around the little church, but it stood. The tree is credited for shielding this little church. Christians also believe it stood because it was the place where our leaders first prayed for our country.
Moore said that there is still a tree called Calvary that took everything when Hell gave its worse.
When the workers were cleaning up on the third day after 9/11, they looked up and saw the 20 foot perfectly formed cross rising from the rubble, as a sign to the believer and unbeliever that Christ rose from the grave after three days. God is calling our nation to remember. And teach our children. Will we?